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April Fools Week: Comic for Friday, Apr 5, 2002
Allegations that I Was Simply too Lazy to Draw Two Days in a Row are Silly
Comic number: 0075
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Elliot confuses Sarah for Tedd since there are no drawings today.

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Sarah(invisible) The hell…? Elliot, why aren’t there pictures still?! I thought Dan was buying pencils today!
Elliot(invisible) He did, he ate them all.
Sarah(invisible) What?! Oh, that’s just great! What are we supposed to do for the comic then?!
Elliot(invisible) Hey, since the readers can’t actually see us, why not just say stuff like Sarah is running around naked?
Sarah(invisible) Dammit, Elliot, I am Sarah!
Elliot(invisible) What?!oh crap. Curse the lack of drawings--
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