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Catnip: Comic for Friday, May 24, 2002
"The Conspiracy Continues"
Comic number: 0124
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Tedd explains his glasses and how he met Elliot.

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Tedd's house

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GraceBut wait, why keep wearing them if the bullies still bullied you?
TeddWell two reasons… one of which is the “special features”…
Grace”Special features”?
TeddInfra-red, night vision, zoom, video recording, X-ray…
TeddI haven’t used that feature in years, I swear!!!
GraceShows discipline… Those sound pretty nice, but what’s the second reason?
TeddWell, I was wearing them when I met Elliot back in elementary school and I guess I worry about how he’d react…
GraceI doubt he’d care… Hey, how did you two met, anyway?
4th Grade…
ElliotLeave her alone, asshole!!!
TeddOh, we just met on the playground…
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