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Catnip: Comic for Saturday, May 11, 2002
"Second Try"
Comic number: 0111
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After discussion and explanation, Grace discovers she can change back on her own.

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Tedd's house

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Tedd(off screen) Grace, how do you normally transform?
Grace(off screen) Um, I just kinda do. When human I become half squirrel, and when half squirrel I become human.
Tedd(off screen) What about your third from(sic), when you become a complete squirrel?
Grace(off screen) ...Well, ah, I need to concentrate specifically on that form to become that instead of the half-squirrel...
TeddIt sounds like you could just transform on a whim unless you wanted to become a full squirrel, but I suspect that's not the case anymore. Just concentrate on becoming human the same way as you would concentrate to turn into a squirrel.
GraceYou might be right... I'll give it a shot.
Grace successfully returns to human form
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