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Catnip: Comic for Tuesday, May 14, 2002
"Jeremy is Juggling Dinner Plates Off-Screen in the Last Three Panels"
Comic number: 0114
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Grace looks over types of forms available on the Transformation gun.

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Setting[edit | edit source]

Tedd's house

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

Grace Is the, um, "half-Jeremy" form really the best for combat that you have?
Tedd Hell yeah! Just look at him! But I'm confused... Don't you hate violence?
Grace I do, but... Well, my brothers might leave me no other options. Hmm... What all forms do you have programmed into this...?
Tedd Uh, I could just tell you, you don't need to--
Grace Cat, hedgehog, dog, chipmunk, mouse, raccoon, Jeremy, fox, squirrel...
Grace stares at the screen
Grace Male and female forms...?
Tedd I have no idea how those got there!!!
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