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Part 1 - Open The Box: Comic for Tuesday, Jun 4, 2002
"Maybe She Is, Maybe She Isn't."
Comic number: 0135
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Nanase claims that she is not gay.

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NanaseI can't believe this! Just because i wasn't physically attracted to one guy you think I'm gay!
JustinLook, you guys kissed and made out so much, don't you find it odd that you weren't the least bit turned on?
NanaseWe weren't right for each other! I'll find Mr. Right someday, and then you'll see! I'll get married and have kids just as I've always planned and I'll be happy with my husband! You just want someone else who is gay to talk to, but I'm straight as a line pal!
JustinNanase, what's with you?! This isn't like you at all! Look, I know it's not what you want but are you really so homophobic that you won't even consider it?
NanaseI'm not homophobic; I'm friends with you aren't I? But this is me we're talking about, and I am not gay. Don't try to tell me I am.
JustinYou might not be, but if you are and you refuse to accept it you'll be miserable!!
NanaseNot a problem. I'm not gay. End of discussion, Justin.
Justin...Maybe we should just drop this and get to class.
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