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Part 2 - Read The Rules: Comic for Thursday, Jun 6, 2002
"Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid..."
Comic number: 0137
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Tedd rushes up the stairs and shows Elliot he is a girl.

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Setting[edit | edit source]

  • Elliot's house

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

Tedd The gun is stuck on safety and won't fire! I'll work on fixing it in your room, ok?!
Elliot Wait a sec! Why do you need to work on it here?!
Tedd I can't let Grace see me like this! I need to fix this while she's distracted by computer games!
Elliot See you like what?!
Tedd ...Are you telling me you can't tell?!
Elliot Well, now that you mention it you do sound a little weird. But beyond that I'm clueless!
Tedd I'm a girl you dolt!
Elliot Ow... Eyes just weren't meant to pop out like that...
Tedd Yeah, that was creepy.
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