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Part 3 - Set Up The Pieces: Comic for Friday, Jun 28, 2002
"Male Feminists do Exist"
Comic number: 0159
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Susan advocates for female superiority while trying to get "Ellen" to join her feminist club.

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SusanEllen, this is Sarah. Sarah, Ellen
ElliotNice to meet you?
SarahUm... Likewise?
SusanSo how do you like it here at Moperville North?
ElliotIt's ok.
SusanI'm sure a girl like you has met some of the lowlife males here already... Heck, you were about to sit with Tedd!
ElliotHey, Tedd's nice... He just says too much sometimes...
SusanSure he is. Listen, would you be interested in joining this school's feminist group? I'm president of it, and Sarah here is in it too.
ElliotOh, ah, it's a nice offer, but... Well, I won't be at this school for very long. My cousin Elliot might be interested...
SusanElliot? Your cousin is Elliot? But he's a guy!
ElliotThat doesn't mean he can't be concerned about gender equality.
SusanEquality? who said anything about equality? Female superiority all the way, sister!
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