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Part 3 - Set Up The Pieces: Comic for Sunday, Jun 30, 2002
"Stupid Lunch Trays Make it Impossible to Tell That They're Walking"
Comic number: 0161
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Elliot begins apologizing again, but Sarah tells Elliot that she only needs to promise not to kiss her while female.

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SarahAw Jesse... Look Susan, I know you mean well, but this is still a sensitive subject and I think it's best for now for Ellen and me to sit alone, come along Ellen.
SarahYou ok?
Ellioty-yeah, I'm fine.
SusanShe actually got you crying a little...
Elliotyeah, um, I bet it was a hormone thing...
SarahOf course it was.
ElliotListen, Sarah... i know we talked about this already but I really am very sorry about--
SarahLook, you don't need to keep apologizing. Just do me one favor.
SarahDon't kiss me or anything until you're back to normal. I don't care what kind of smell you've go going, it'd still be too weird.
SarahI don't want our first kiss as a couple to be girl-on-girl action.
ElliotI'll be sure to break the news to Tedd gently.
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