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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Friday, Jul 19, 2002
"Fur Coat"
Comic number: 0175
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Greg calms down the situation by stating why he is there.

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  • Tedd's house

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Grace Go somewhere safe, Jeremy.
Jeremy Meow?
Grace Don't worry about me!
Jeremy Grr...
Grace I don't care if you want a rematch, go!!!
Sensei Greg Wait a second, I'm not here to hurt anybody! You're Grace, right?
Grace Yeah, and who are you? I heard you say you were a friend of Elliot before?
Sensei Greg That's right, I'm his martial arts instructor. He said there was some concern about your safety and convinced me to keep an eye on you!
Grace Aw Jesse... But why did you burst through the front door? That was what that crash was, right?
Sensei Greg Yeah, sorry about that. I was sensing a lot of power and got very worried. Um, I'm guessing you have at least three other forms you can take?
Sensei Greg Or are you always like that or something?
Grace ...fi--four, actually. but what's this power you're talking about? I'm not powerful. I don't even know how to fight...
Sensei Greg Really?! Well I-- *sigh* Look, I know your fur is doing a good jo0b of covering you, but could you maybe get some clothes on before we continue?
Grace Ugh! what is so wrong with my body that everybody is so obsessed with covering it up?!
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