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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Monday, Jul 15, 2002
"Power Goes Up, Power Goes Down, Power Goes Up, Power..."
Comic number: 0171
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Grace experiments with her forms, while Greg wonders at sudden power level shifts.

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  • Tedd's house
  • Just outside Tedd's house

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Grace(off screen) 80 pounds?!
GraceNow that is just strange.
Sensei Greg(thinking) This is odd... I sense great power but no real urgency or danger...
GraceMass is supposed to be constant... but can I truly weigh eighty lbs. in all of my forms?
Sensei Greg(thinking) Wait...
Sensei Greg(thinking) Where did all that power go?
Grace120?! That makes no sense, but yay! ... I think?
Grace...The cat form is 137 lbs...
Sensei Greg(thinking) Gah! the power rivals Nanase now?!
Sensei Greg(thinking) What's going on in there?!
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