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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Monday, Jul 22, 2002
"Unusagi and Travis Ride Again"
Comic number: 0177
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Greg watches Anime while Grace plays on the computer until she is interrupted by Beta Tedd.

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  • Tedd's house

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TravisDammit Unusagi, if you're the bunny goddess of luck why do we keep getting shot at?!
UnusagiLuck isn't necessarily good luck, Travis San! And watch the hands!!
Blam Blam
After fixing the front door, Greg resumed the task of keeping an eye on Grace, this time from inside the house. He quickly found Tedd's anime stash.
Sensei GregI still can't believe they canceled this show after only 22 episodes...
Grace(thinking) Hmm... What game to play...
Grace(off screen, thinking) Hm... I need to ask Tedd where he got this background...
Beta TeddOh! Um, hello. Is Tedd There?
Grace(off screen, thinking) What the--?!
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