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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Monday, Jul 8, 2002
"Elliot is Probably Saying What Many Are Thinking"
Comic number: 0165
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Grace explains the plan in one long monologue.

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  • Tedd's house

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Grace Alright. Here We go. As you already know, Tedd's father works for the government. I was able to get access to certain information as a result of that, and I have discovered an interesting little item that is being kept at the government's "paranormal things that are of little use to anyone storage facility", or PTTAPUTASF. There is an artifact kept at the PTTAPUTASF called the Dewitchery Diamond that dates back to medieval times. The Dewitchery Diamond is said to be able to separate someone who has been cursed with another form from that curse and return them to normal; all you have to do is touch it. Now, this is such a low priority government building that Tedd here actually has the clearance necessary to get in thanks to his father, but you can't legally accompany him and he can't legally remove the diamond for you to touch. Fortunately, however, the facility is so low priority that there appears to be only one elderly security guard who constantly guards the front of the building so once Tedd is inside he should be able to sneak you in through the back and get you to the diamond. There are only security cameras at the doors, which is good but you'll have to use a window to get in because of this. Afterwards, you just have to make it to the second floor, touch the diamond and get back out. I'll stay back here for a number of reasons including but not limited to the facts that the less people sneaking in the better. If I'm caught I might be taken away for testing or something, and someone needs to stay behind to feed Jeremy. Now PTTAPUTASF is out of town and is estimated to be a three-hour trip by car so it's best you leave ASAP.
Elliot No seriously, what's the plan?
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