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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Sunday, Jul 7, 2002
"You Can Tell When Tedd's Using that Feature at Least..."
Comic number: 0164
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Elliot puts Tedd's glasses back on him, but they are in X-ray mode.

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  • Tedd's house

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Grace(thinking) Ooh... heat vision...
TeddOk, before I reveal the amazing plan, I just gotta get details about the girls locker room! Did any of the girls shower? Did you shower?!
ElliotActually, I didn't really get dressed for gym today...
Grace(thinking) Hm... Variant #5... Could be interesting with Tedd, perhaps...
TeddWhat?! But... but that's such a waste! Why didn't you?!
ElliotIt wouldn't be right for me to be in the girls locker room. I'm supposed to be a boy, and me being in there wouldn't-- Argh! Just a second, this is driving me nuts...
Ker-Swap! as Elliot puts Tedd's glasses back on Tedd.
Tedd is Blushing
ElliotGah! Grace, Please tell me the last setting you had it on wasn't the X-ray specs one?!
GraceServes ya right for snatching them away from me! Now smile for the glasses!
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