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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Tuesday, Jul 16, 2002
"Technically I Could of Shown 'More' of Grace, But She's All Covered With Fur Anyway So It Really Doesn't Matter, And Yet I Feel The Need to Cover the Chest That's Already Covered With Fur? Is that Odd? Or Do You Just Think I Couldn't Come up With a Decent Title?"
Comic number: 0172
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Grace tries her Jeremy form, and Greg, worried about these power shifts, crashes in to check on her.

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Setting[edit | edit source]

  • Tedd's house

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

Grace 200 lbs... this is nuts.
Grace Hmm... I transform somewhat differently now after I gained the cat form... Maybe the gun altered my abilities in some way that can mess with mass? With mass? That shouldn't be possible...
Sensei Greg (thinking) Dammit! ...Whatever it is that's in there, it's more powerful than me now! That's it! I don't sense danger yet, but no way I'm betting the life of Elliot's friend on it!
Sensei Greg (off screen) Fear not, girl! I'm a coming upstairs to save ya!!!
Grace Huh?
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