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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Tuesday, Jul 23, 2002
"Oh No... Beta!"
Comic number: 0178
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Beta Tedd contacts Grace looking for Tedd. Beta Ellen then comes on screen.

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  • Tedd's house

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Grace"Is Tedd there"?! Aren't you Tedd?
Beta Tedd(computer) Well, yes and no... But as far as you're concerned, no.
Beta TeddI am Tedd from another dimension. I've been trying to get in contact with my dimensional counterparts. I am most commonly referred to as "Beta Tedd", or just "Beta".
Grace(computer) Another dimension? Like another whole universe? ...Cosmic.
GraceI'm afraid Tedd is out with Elliot right now, Beta.
Beta Tedd(computer) "Elliot", huh? I'm afraid I've never met his counterpart... or yours, for that matter.
Grace(computer) Really?! Wow, so you've never met Elliot or myself in your dimension...
Beta TeddAt least I don't think I have; some counterparts can be surprisingly different from each other.
Beta EllenTedd, what're you doing? there are better ways for us to take advantage ou you father being out of town...
Beta TeddOoh... I'll be just a minute Ellen.
Beta EllenUm, that girl you were talking to seems to have fallen out of her chair...
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