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Part 4 - Play The Game: Comic for Wednesday, Jul 24, 2002
"Obviously A Different Tedd"
Comic number: 0179
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Grace points out that Beta Ellen is Elliot's counterpart in the Beta dimension.

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  • Tedd's house

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GraceHa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Beta EllenIs that girl laughing at me?
Beta TeddI’m not sure what’s going on over there. Hey Crazy-Haired Girl! Why you laughing?!
Grace*snicker*I’m sorry, I really am, It’s just… Well, it’s just that you said you didn’t know Elliot’s counterpart in your dimension…
Grace…But apparently you’re in a relationship with his counterpart!
Beta TeddWell that’s a mood killer.
Beta Tedd(computer) *sigh* Ok then… Guess I should just give you the warning and be on my way…
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