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Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Friday, Aug 16, 2002
"A Brief Look at the Wizard's Journal"
Comic number: 0195
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A copy of the wizards journal.

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

  • Werewolf

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

Abraham's journal 6/12 - I have been without a mentor for over a week now, and I find that I am having trouble dealing with my loss. It is still hard to believe that my teacher of magic was killed so savagely by a werewolf... the image of his burning corpse which I myself set ablaze to prevent his returning as a creature of the night himself still haunts me...
Abraham's journal 6/15 - My late mentor has been avenged by a brave noble who fought valiantly to protect the lives of his peasants. While I can rest more easily knowing the foul beast that killed my mentor has been slain, all is not well. The noble who killed it was he himself bitten by the monster, and is cursed to become a wolf monster with the setting of every sun. He was prepared to kill himself to keep others safe, but I have convinced him to allow himself to be chained at night until I can find a way to cure him of his curse.
Abraham's journal 6/22 - I believe I have found a way to cure the noble. I have enchanted a large diamond that had belonged to my late master. I believe that any who is cursed with a different form will be rid of their curse with but a simple touch. The noble is on his way over now to test it out, and I can only pray that my skills were enough to make the diamond work as it should.
Abraham's journal 7/15 - I am amazed that I am once again writing in this journal, for I thought it lost forever in the wreckage that resulted after the last entry! I myself am lucky to be alive... when the noble touched the diamond, something dreadful happened. The noble was indeed cured of his curse; the end result was two nobles, one human and one monstrous wolf! Instead of a man who became a wolf by night but remained a human by day, we've become cursed with a wolf monster that exists regardless of whether the sun is up! Five have already died trying to destroy it, including the human noble. I pray constantly for God to tell me a way to set things right, but I think perhaps I have done enough damage... forgive me, my mentor... I have failed you.
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