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Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Friday, Aug 2, 2002
"And Once Again, The Wonder Twins Fall Short of Saving the Day..."
Comic number: 0187
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Elliot and Ellen debate the "Evil Twin" issue.

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Tedd So much conclusion jumping...
Elliot Oh C'mon! You are not my evil twin! What could you do that's so evil?!
Ellen Hell, I dunno! I'm new at this, Double! Give me a chance to come up with something!
Ellen Well, whatever I do, I think as an evil twin it has to be something that you'll get blamed for later.
Elliot Ok, first of all, you're not an evil twin, you're just overly stressed out at the moment. Secondly, how could you frame me? We're not even the same sex!
Tedd Yeah, and I doubt you can hide your breasts very well
Ellen Ah yes, the wonder twins... They do complicate matters, don't they?
Ellen But hey, there are plenty of people back home that don't know you're back to normal, and If I get home first and you guys are stuck out here for long enough...
Ellen ...I'll be able to cause all sorts of mayhem, and the blame will fall on you upon your return!
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