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Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Friday, Aug 23, 2002
"Sucks to be Elliot"
Comic number: 0198
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Elliot uses Tedd's "special" belt in a plan on getting the two of them home.

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Tedd I still don't get why the guard was told to let us go...
Elliot Who knows? what's important now is that we find a way back home, and quickly!
Elliot We're miles from anything but that government building and at this rate it'll take days...
Elliot Wait a sec-- Tedd! Are you wearing your "special" belt?!
Tedd Huh? Yeah...
Elliot Give it to me!
Tedd Oh boy... I think I know what you're planning... Why don't we just find a town and take a cab or something instead?
Elliot You kidding? We can't afford a cab ride all the way to Moperville!
Tedd But... I never got around to upgrading the belt... You'll feel everything...
Elliot Then it sucks to be me.
Elliot pushes the feline button: *click*
Elliot begins to transform
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