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Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Saturday, Aug 3, 2002
"Tricking One's Duplicate Isn't Easy"
Comic number: 0188
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Ellen tries to escape.

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Elliot That plan is so flawed... For one thing, I have the car keys!
Ellen Well, goodie for you. I also have the keys, Sherlock. In case you hadn't noticed, everything that was on you is now also on me!
Ellen I'd be quite nude otherwise...
Elliot Ok, fine. But there's no way you're getting past me! You know as well as I do that I lost some physical strength while female, and that means I'm stronger than you!
Ellen True, but the difference isn't that much, especially when you factor in ki. Besides, I'm not going through you, Double! That window will be a lot faster!
Ellen So long, Double and Tedd! You'll probably never see me again after this, but you're bound to hear of my exploits seeing as you'll be getting all the blame, Double!
Elliot Dammit, We're all leaving here together, "Sister"!
Ellen Hey..!
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