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Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Wednesday, Aug 14, 2002
"Happens All the Time in the Movies And They're Always Fine..."
Comic number: 0194
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In a holding cell, Elliot wakes up and Tedd reveals that Ellen will not disappear.

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ElliotOh me aching head... What happened?
TeddThe security guard knocked you out with his flashlight, and now we're in the holding cell in the basement of the facility.
ElliotWell cra-- Wait, I was knocked out with a blunt object?! Shouldn't I get some medical attention?!
TeddYou'll be fine. Listen I've been reading this copy of a journal the guard gave me to keep me quiet and--
ElliotWhat if I have a concussion? My brain could be swelling as we speak!
TeddYou're fine! Now listen! This is a copy of the journal of the wizard who made the diamond!
Elliot...Really? Found out anything yet?
TeddOh, not much... Just evidence that Ellen is not going to disappear in a month!
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