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Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Wednesday, Aug 28, 2002
"He's Going to be Pretty Sore After This..."
Comic number: 0200
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Elliot recovers, then takes Tedd's glasses to better see the way home.

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ElliotOK... I think I finally feel up to going now...
ElliotAlright. Let's go!
TeddUm, Elliot? It's this way.
Tedd...What? I can see the road we need to get to with the zoom feature on my glasses...
ElliotHoly crap. I think I can see Mexico.
TeddVery funny. Will you be stripping me of anything else before we get going...?
ElliotWould you rather it instead be you carrying me while running over a hundred miles?!
TeddEr, nevermind! Take what you need! would you like my shirt?
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