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Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Wednesday, Jul 31, 2002
"She is someone who should not exist, and yet she now does."
Comic number: 0185
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Tedd figures that Ellen is Variant #5 when applied to Elliot personified. Elliot and Ellen believe she will disappear in a month.

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ElliotOh God...
TeddShe thinks she's the real Elliot...
ElliotYeah, and how do you know she's wrong?! I could just as easily be the double here!
TeddNo, you couldn't. I didn't expect this, but now that I think about it, the documentation on the diamond did say "seperate" (sic) the cursed from the curse... I think she's the physical manifestation of female variant#5 when applied to you!
EllenBut... But variant #5 only lasts for a month... A-and if I'm...
Elliot...Then you'll disappear when it wears off...
TeddWoah! Hey! Let's not jump to conclusions! We've got no solid reasoning to support that she'll disappear!
EllenI'm gonna die in less than a month...
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