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Part 6 - Scattered Pieces: Comic for Friday, Sep 13, 2002
"Remember the Warning?"
Comic number: 0207
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Grace thanks Greg for waking her, and mentions a frightening image on the computer.

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  • Tedd's house

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Sensei GregAre you alright? What the heck were you dreaming about?
Grace...I'd rather not talk about it...
GraceThanks for waking me, and for finding this blanket...
Sensei GregNo problem, but why were you sleeping at the bottom of the stairs?
GraceI was waiting for Tedd... he hasn't come back... I tried keeping myself busy by designing my own computer game, but I wound up down here. Just waiting for Tedd...
Sensei GregYour own computer game?
GraceUh-huh. it's a puzzle game.
GraceThe goal is to locate and hug Tedd.
GraceI would've been actually playing games, but I don't want to be on the computer...
Sensei GregWhy's that?
GraceThere's an image on that computer that frightens me...
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