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Part 6 - Scattered Pieces: Comic for Friday, Sep 20, 2002
Comic number: 0209
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Greg and Grace listen to the recording, Grace "cursing". Greg then recaps what has happened, then he and Grace head for the school.

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  • Tedd's house

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Greg and Grace listen to Tedd's missed message...
GraceCrud-crud-crud crud-aw-crud It's-already-after-10 Crud-crud-crud Major-crud-crud-on-a-cracker Crud-crud-crud!!!!
Tedd(recording) ...So um, yeah... That's what happened. We need you to call Sarah so that she won't be fooled, and so that she can tell Ellen that she's not going to die in a month. Just call her sometime around six or so. The number is 555-7272. I'll get home to you as soon as I can...
GraceOh boy, I'm sorry... I was swearing like a sailor...
Sensei Greg...Uh, It's ok... Don't worry about it...
Sensei GregAlright, let's see if I understand this... As we know, Tedd turned Elliot into a girl when his hormones were messed up or some weird excuse, and Elliot went to school as Ellen, and after that you gave the idea to go touch this Dewitchery Diamond thing, which resulted in there being two Elliots, one of whom is the original male, the other the female version, aka Ellen, and Ellen thought she was going to die, so in a somewhat delusional state she left Elliot and Tedd stranded at the facility that housed the diamond and is now trying to be Elliot's evil twin?
GraceYup. And now I've got to do something about it...
Sensei GregFigures I have to drive you to the school... Is it really that smart for you to be out if bad guys are looking for you?
Gracedon't worry; I'm Superman.
Sensei Greg... Huh?
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