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Part 6 - Scattered Pieces: Comic for Friday, Sep 6, 2002
"At Least You Can Get In Trouble for Leaving Class Early"
Comic number: 0204
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Ellen tries to pick an inappropriate speech topic, but then the teacher allows it.

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English TeacherEllen, for this impromptu speech you are to list topics you'd care to discuss until I approve of one.
English TeacherYou will then discuss that topic for two minutes.
Ellen(thinking) Excellent! With each inappropriate topic I list, I'll get my double into more trouble!
EllenMy first choice is...PMS!!!
English TeacherA bold choice... Alright, you have two minutes in front of the class, begin.
Ellen looks around nervously with wide eyes.
Ellen...Hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?!
Zoom and Ellen disappears.
Demonic DuckEverywhere I go, I get used as a distraction...
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