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Part 6 - Scattered Pieces: Comic for Monday, Sep 2, 2002
"Failed Attempt at Trouble"
Comic number: 0202
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Ellen acts weird in the gym dressing room, but the girls won't rat her out.

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Girls in the locker room look puzzled.
EllenI can't believe I didn't get dressed for gym yesterday...
LizYou gonna get dressed, or are you just gonna sit there and watch?
EllenOh, I don't have gym this period. I'm supposed to be in drawing. But that's boring so I figured I'd come here and enjoy the show.
Liz"Enjoy the show?"
EllenYeah, and you were great, by the way; I especially liked it when you gave me the finger.
LizYeah, well, I don't think I like having an audience. Watch me again and I'll deck you, understand?
EllenWait, aren't you going to tell on me?
LizHa! What do I look like, a narc?!
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