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Part 6 - Scattered Pieces: Comic for Wednesday, Sep 11, 2002
"Recurring Nightmare"
Comic number: 0206
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Grace has a nightmare, waking Greg who then goes to wake Grace.

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  • Tedd's house

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Sensei Greg(Talking in his sleep) Ladies, ladies! don't fight! Grampa will have a fit if you destroy the shrine! C'mon there's more than enough Tenchi to go around...
Grace(off screen) EEEEEEEK!!!
Sensei Greg(thinking) Dammit Greg, you sleeping on the job?!
Sensei GregHang on Grace, I'm coming!!!
Sensei GregGrace?!
Lespuko Skull
No past...
No future...
Not human...
Just a beast...
GraceNo, please!!!
Sensei GregGrace! Grace, wake up! You're having a nightmare! Wake up, Grace, c'mon
Grace<i>Please don't hurt me anymore...!!!
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