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Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Monday, Oct 14, 2002
"Vengeance for Creation"
Comic number: 0219
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The goo chases Ellen and Sarah; Ellen decides to face the monster head on.

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The GooSound indentified as out-dated fire alarm. Ignore. Proceeding with killing.
The GooTarget has fled. Proceeding with a prepared set of curse words in order to imitate anger. Damn, crap, f--
SarahSomeone pulled the fire alarm, but who? Were thy trying to evacuate the school?
EllenWho cares? It was probably somebody who just wanted to get out of a test or something! Now keep moving!
EllenDon't stop running until you're home!
SarahWait, what about you?! You're not staying, are you?!
EllenI only now just realized... The goo is what started this chain reaction that has resulted in my being created...
SarahWhat are you talk--
EllenLeave! Now! This monster is mine to kill!
EllenAnyone who interferes will face my wrath!!!
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