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Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Saturday, Nov 2, 2002
"Who Will Break the Good News?"
Comic number: 0227
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Grace explains what has happened to Tedd and Elliot, then stops Greg from trying to jump into the fight.

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SarahWell, seeing as that girl seems hell-bent on fighting alone and Greg's trying to do... well, something, could you explain this to me? Is Elliot ok?
GraceHe should be fine.
SarahThen where is he?! And who is that girl?
GraceHe's on his way back from a government facility with Tedd. They went there to get Elliot back to normal by touching this magical diamond thingy, but while it did turn Elliot back to normal it also made her. She has all the memories of Elliot up until her creation, and she believes she is going to die in less than a month as that's when female variant #5 ends and she believes she is the physical manifestation of that form. This made her go a little nuts, and she took Elliot's car and left them stranded. That's why they're not here, but they're on there way.
Ellen is blasting the goo, while Greg tries to throw a fireball.
Sensei GregHa!
SarahMy God... No wonder she kissed me... Is she? Going to die in a month, I mean...
GraceNot according to information Tedd Acquired.
SarahWe have to tell her? The way she said goodbye to me... She could do something reckless!!
Sensei Greg(thinking) Dammit.
GraceI can't tell her; Elliot was always suspicious of me, so she probably is to.
SarahWell then I'll tell her! She'll trust me!
Sensei GregHell no! You can't just yell it from here and distract her from battle! Whoever tells her needs to be able to do it on the battle-field with her; I should do it!
GraceNo, that's bad too! She'll zap you the instant you try to fight!
Sensei GregDidn't seem to hurt the goo too much. I should be fine.
GraceThat's because the goo is goo! That blast looked like it came from the transformation gun! We don't know what it would do, but most likely it would turn you into a girl! And since she's not the gun, we don't know if it would be temporary or not!
Susan(off screen ) In that case you should wait for Nanase; I'm sure Ellen will listen to her ex, and she doesn't need to worry about being turned into a girl.
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