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Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Saturday, Nov 9, 2002
"A Needle in a Haystack"
Comic number: 0229
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Grace explains what the goo is.

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SarahOk, time out. you know Nanase?! Why didn't you mention this before? And how do you know her?!
SusanI had my reasons, and do you recall the beret I got you?
Freshman year...
SarahYes, you got me one! Thank you Susan!
SarahWait a minute... You got that hat for me while on the trip for French class from Moperville North and South... Are you saying you met her in Paris?!
SusanIn a manner of speaking. Now who are you? You didn't use steroids do you?
Sensei GregMy name is Greg, and no, of course not!
SusanIf you say so... Now, would it be too much to hope for that maybe one of you knows how to destroy that thing?
GraceI do! I was contacted by Beta Tedd, who is another Tedd from a different reality. He said that he was contacted by some Lord Tedd guy who for some reason thought of Beta as his enemy.
GraceBeta Tedd said that Lord Tedd made it clear that he intended to destroy all other Tedds that he could, so Lord Tedd sent these things he calls demon nuclei to kill off the other Tedds. These demon nuclei would gather materials to construct an outer shell, which is what that goo Ellen is fighting actually is. that goo is basically armor created by the demon nuclei, and the reson it survived Elliot's attack is probably because the nuclei got away and went under-ground to create a new shell. doing anything to the goo shell won't do anything; what we need to do is to destroy the demon nuclei within the goo.
Sensei GregAlright! All we have to do is destroy one target! So how big is this demon nuclei?
GraceBeta Tedd said it was the size of a marble.
GraceIs that big?
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