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Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Thursday, Nov 14, 2002
"I Bet You Saw This Coming"
Comic number: 0231
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Nanase and Justin show up. The others explain what is going on, but the readers get clips from "Lucky Bunny Bounty Show".

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NanaseGah! That thing is huge!!!
SusanYou got here quick. Who's the excess baggage?
NanaseHis name is Justin, Susan. Now what exactly is going on?!
Due to popular demand, we will not subject readers to yet another long-winded recap of what has happened so far. In its place we bring you a clip from the "Lucky Bunny Bounty Show". We will return you to the regular comic once Nanase and Justin have been brought up to speed.

- the Management

UnusagiWhat are you doing in here?!
TravisI'm sorry! I thought this bath house was unisex!
UnusagiGet out!!
Nanase...Could you repeat that?!
TravisAre you sure this bath house isn't unisex...?
UnusagiYes! Now leave already!!!
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