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Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Thursday, Nov 21, 2002
"In Theory"
Comic number: 0235
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Nanase finally tells Ellen that she won't die, but then the Goo catches them.

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Nanase(Cyan) After you left, Elliot and Tedd were caught by the security guard.
Nanase(Cyan, off screen) While in custody, Tedd found more information about the diamond.
Nanase(Cyan, off screen) He found out that you're not going to disappear! You're going to live!
Nanase(Red) I'm gonna tear out all of your eyes and--
The GooNo more games!!!!
Nanase(Red) @$%w#!
Fwoosh with the fire, and Poof with Red
EllenI-I'm not going to die?
The GooGrowr!!!
Splorch as they are covered in slime.
NanaseWell... In theory, anyway..
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