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Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Tuesday, Dec 3, 2002
"I See Very Little Resemblance"
Comic number: 0239
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The Goo compares Grace to "General Shade Tail" and begins to retreat into itself.

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SarahUm... Uh, What form is this?
Grace...well, if I had to guess, I'd say... all of them?
The Goo(thinking) Those Antennae...
The Goo(comparing images, thinking) That creature must be the alternate of General Shade Tail!
The Goo(thinking) I cannot win this way...
Sensei GregRetreat?
The GooHisss
Sensei GregWell gee, it's just bound to be good that it's gathering all of it's mass into a single spot...
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