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Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Tuesday, Oct 29, 2002
"The Goo Isn't the Only One With New Tricks"
Comic number: 0225
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Ellen fights the Goo and prevents Sensei Greg from helping by shooting out a green beam.

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The goo attacksSlash, but Ellen is prepared; *dodge*
Sensei GregSweet merciful Jesus Christ on a Sunday! What is that thing?!
GraceThat's the Goo! Beta Tedd tried to warn me, but I thought Elliot already killed it!
Splorch as Ellen deflects a tentacle</i>
Sensei GregWhat a Beta Tedd?
GraceA Different version of Tedd from another dimension. He warned me of an Alpha Tedd, who is also known as Lord Tedd, who...
Boom, Ellen destroys part of the goo.
Sensei GregExplain that sci-fi wackiness later! She needs back up!
EllenYou?! No!!! This is my battle!
EllenStay back!!!
Zzzzzzzzzzaaaaap!!! and a beam fires from Ellen's hand and ends in front of Greg.
Ellen... What the hell was that?!
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