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Part 8 - Clean Up: Comic for Friday, Jan 24, 2003
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"Run Tedd, Run!"
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  • Tedd's house

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And so, Ellen introduced herself to each individual present. None laughed, be it due to compassion, or fear of Nanase's wrath. Nanase carried Ellen throughout the process, until Ellen was finally introduced to all. Nanase then placed Ellen on the sofa next to Susan (and Jeremy, who was still holding Susan captive).
NanaseUncle, if you have questions for Ellen, ask them now, with all of us here. I'm not leaving her alone with you again.
Mr. Verres...Very well. All I really wanted to know was if there were any noticeable side effects to her being the duplicate.
EllenOver than being an emotional wreck? ...Well... I can shoot what appears to be a transformation beam from my hand. I think it's just female variant #5, like on the gun...
Mr. Verres...Interesting... Well, there's a safe way to be certain. Tedd has a device in the lab that can determine what any blast from the gun would do if used on someone. In effect, this device eliminates any need one would have to test any beams on an actual person. ...Come to think of it, it leaves me somewhat perplexed as to how this whole fiasco got started, what with such a useful device handy...
Ellen and ElliotWHAT?!?!?!
TeddWhy father, what is this "device" you speak of? I have no such thing!
GraceNo Tedd, you do! Don't you remember? It's next to the washing machine.
Tedd...Thanks, Grace...
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