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Part 8 - Clean Up: Comic for Friday, Jan 3, 2003
"The Meeting Begins"
Comic number: 0256
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Ellen is showering.SSSSSSSS...
Mr. VerresThe first words out of your mouth after seeing me should of(sic) been "We saw Hedge. He's in town."
TeddLook, I'm sorry, OK? You called your people, they know he's in town... Can we move on?
SusanYes, let us move on. For starters, I'd like to know how Mr. Vairs, or whatever, knew about the goo being in the school.
Panicked Schoolgirl(shivering) Ooooohhh there's a horrible slime monster in the school and it's cold out heerrre...!
Theater ClerkI could keep you warm...
Mr. VerresThat is, um, classified information...
SarahGrace... You said that goo was sent by some sort of alternate version of Tedd from another dimension...?
Grace*Shudder* Yeah, it was... If you wanna see what he looks like, there's a screen shot in the lab...
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