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Part 8 - Clean Up: Comic for Thursday, Jan 2, 2003
"Why Don't Narrations In This Comic Ever End Well?"
Comic number: 0255
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  • Elliot's car
  • Tedd's car
  • Justin's house

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As it turns out, the towels weren't for cleaning up, but rather to keep the interiors of the cars from getting dirty. Sarah drove Elliot's car with Susan, Elliot, and Ellen as passengers. Elliot would have driven, but he had a towel on his head to hide his cat form. Tedd's dad drove Tedd and Grace. Tedd and Grace knew they were in a bit of trouble with Tedd's dad, but this didn't keep them from holding hands on the way home.
Justin drove Nanase to his house, where Nanase would take a much needed shower.
Given the amount of goo, it may be a while before they arrive at Tedd's house. Fortunately for them, Ellen will most definitely need to shower as well, so they shouldn't miss much.
And so these nine would form the fellowship, who would be charged with the task of destroying the one ring.
Along the way they will face peril, and meet many, many handsome elves.
NanaseYou are aware that there's no way Dan will let you narrate again after that, right?
JustinWhy? Elves are cool!
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