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Part 8 - Clean Up: Comic for Thursday, Jan 23, 2003
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"You Heard The Lady"
Comic number: 0266
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  • Tedd's house

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NanaseC'mon now... Time to go introduce yourself properly to everyone, OK?
Ellen...I'm scared...
NanaseScared?! Regardless of who you technically might be, those are... Friends in waiting, out there! ...Besides, how can you be afraid of them after leaping bravely into, and subsequently destroying, a giant slime monster?
EllenThat was win-win... Either the goo would be destroyed, or I would die a noble death. *Sniff*
Nanase...I... See...
Nanase...You shouldn't be worried, and you definitely shouldn't be scared. You'll feel better afterwards.
Ellen...I don't want to let go...
NanaseAnybody who laughs is in for a beating!!!
Mr. Verres!
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