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Part 8 - Clean Up: Comic for Tuesday, Jan 14, 2003
"Such Enthusiasm!"
Comic number: 0263
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Elliot tells Nanase she has to talk to Ellen.

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  • Tedd's house

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ElliotWhat did you do to make my sister cry?
Mr. VerresYour "sister"? Hoo-boy... Look, I just told her how it was.
SarahI'll go talk with her--
Elliot(off panel) No!
ElliotYou'd be a good candidate in most situations to make someone feel better, but I think it's best if Nanase handles this.
NanaseMe?! Why me?! Why not Tedd? Or Justin?
JustinYeah, why not me?
Elliot*Sigh* Justin, you're a guy, and being attracted to guys is probably still weird for her. Tedd was the one who turned me into a girl in the first place, so he's out. Grace suggested going to the facility, so she's out too. Talking to Sarah would be tough as, in a way, she's lost her as a girlfriend. Susan, no offense, but... hell no. As for me, I'm the guy with the life she wants, so that's a sore spot. You and I broke up on good terms, Nanase, and I consider you a good source of advice, so she should too.
NanaseOh... Yay... It's up to me to keep Ellen from going totally insane... Yee...
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