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Part 8 - Clean Up: Comic for Tuesday, Jan 7, 2003
"Jeremy VS Susan"
Comic number: 0258
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  • Tedd's house

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Susan(On the couch with Jeremy) I don't care how long you stare at me, I'm not gonna pet you. Now, why aren't we looking at the screen shot?
SarahBecause it's in Tedd's lab, and I have no plans of being there. Besides, I wanted to ask you about you and Nanase.
Susan*Sigh* We met on the optional French class trip to France. She annoyed me, I annoyed her...
JeremyMereow! Mereow! Mereow!
SusanWeird stuff happened, we gained access to magic, we agreed not to tell anybody about knowing the other, yadda... Yadda...
JeremyMereow! Mereow! Mereow! Mereow!
SusanStop that! Look, I'm not going to pet you!!!
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