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Q&A 1: Comic for Tuesday, Mar 12, 2002
She Wouldn't Last Five Minutes in Tedd's Lab
Comic number: 0051
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Dr. German answers why Grace stays the same weight when she transforms. Amanda is tricked into drinking a shrink potion.

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  • Shrink Soda


Dr. GermahnAt least a couple of you have wondered why Grace was still so heavy after becoming smaller due to her transformation. The answer is simply that mass doesn’t just disappear.
Dr. GermahnTherefore, her overall weight remained the same but her size got smaller resulting in a greater density, so technically it would be even harder to carry her when she’s small.
Dr. GermahnI personally have succeeded at designing methods to in effect reduce mass without actually getting rid of it, as my assistant just accidently (sic) demonstrated by foolishly drinking a shrink potion of my own design.
Dr. GermahnYou’d think she’d know not to drink just anything she finds around the lab by now.
Amanda(off screen) Hey! You told me it was soda!
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