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Relations, Part 1: Comic for Sunday, Mar 31, 2002
Comic number: 0070
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Grace returns to human form and deduces that Elliot is acting weird because he plans on breaking Sarah's heart.

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  • Tedd's house
  • In front of Sarah's house

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Grace transforms back into human form
TeddHow do you feel?
GraceDizzy, a little out of it… But that’s normal, I guess.
GraceHeh… At least I didn’t pass out, eh? So how was school? I’m hoping if we can take care of the risk my brothers pose I’ll be able to go myself someday.
TeddOk I guess. Elliot was acting weird though, something to do with him and Sarah going to his martial arts class I’m guessing based on him saying he’d see her at 6:45 when he has class at 7.
GraceMartial arts? Huh. What kind?
TeddYour guess is as good as mine. He doesn’t talk about it much.
TeddMaybe his being weird has something to do with him knowing that Sarah wants to date him…
GraceWait, she wants to date him?! Ugh, I wonder why…
GraceHey wait… He knows she likes him… And if she doesn’t know he knows and he’s acting all weird because he’s taking her to his martial arts class…
TeddWhat is it?
GraceI really hope I’m wrong about this, because if I’m not…
Grace(off screen) … He’s going to break her heart…
honk honk
Elliot shows up in front of Sarah’s house and sighs after waving hi.
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