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Relations, Part 2: Comic for Monday, Apr 22, 2002
"Nanase VS Elliot, Part VIII"
Comic number: 0092
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Elliot and Nanase discus how to finish the fight, the Nanase distracts him with the Demonic Duck in order trip Elliot.

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Nanase Greg’s right; if we don’t want to scare her away, we need a simple finish.
Elliot But that won’t work! We’ve hyped up the finish too much!
Nanase Well we gotta do something-- and fast! We look ridiculous just standing here!!!
Elliot Hmmm…
Nanase …Hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?!
Elliot A demon duck?!
Elliot What the-?!
Elliot Agh!
Demonic Duck I feel so used…
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