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Relations, Part 2: Comic for Monday, Apr 29, 2002
"This Complicates Matters"
Comic number: 0099
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Elliot tries to explain, then Sarah professes her love.

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  • The Ice Cream Parlor

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ElliotSarah, I know how you feel about me. I've... known for awhile now..
SarahBut... But if you knew. Why... Why did you...
ElliotEver since I first found out about how you felt, I've been afraid.
ElliotI was already dating Nanase at the time. I never talked about it because... well... The thing is, we've been friends all of our lives and I was afraid that would end all because of your crush--
SarahA crush?! Oh God... Elliot, this isn't just some crush... I... I love you...
ElliotWhat did you just say?!
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