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Relations, Part 2: Comic for Sunday, Apr 21, 2002
Comic number: 0091
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Sensei Greg approaches Nanase and Elliot about going to far, then goes off on a tangent.

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Sensei GregWhat are you two doing?! Full power?! This is a demonstration match for God’s sake!!!
NanaseOh, we know that! That’s why we’re tossing in all the drama, to make things more interesting!
Sensei GregGood, except you’re scaring away the person we’re trying to get to join!
Sarah sits wide eyed
NanaseShe does seem a little frightened…
Sensei GregSee?!
Sensei GregOK, here’s how we change things…
Sensei Greg(while thinking about the lucky bunny show) Nanase, you become the bunny-goddess of luck. Elliot, you take the role of a jinxed bounty hunter, and together you’ll travel the universe searching for fame and fortune!!!
Sensei Greg(off screen) Waaaaaa why did they ever cancel the “Lucky Bunny Bounty Show”?!?!
ElliotHe’s lost it. Wanna leave early?
NanaseAfter we finish the match.
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