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Relations, Part 2: Comic for Sunday, Apr 7, 2002
Comic number: 0077
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Sarah is introduced to the ASMA dojo and Justin who points out Nanase while Elliot goes to talk with Sensei Greg.

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SarahThis is where you train?
(sign) Anime-Style Martial Arts
SarahOk… Well, let’s go on in then.
SarahIt looks bigger once inside…
ElliotHey Justin! Quit meditating and get over here!
Justin(off screen) But I’m about to obtain inner peace!
ElliotScrew inner peace! I got a friend for you to meet!
SarahHe’s not your teacher is he?
ElliotHim? Nah! He’s just another student.
ElliotSarah, Justin, Justin, Sarah.
Sensei GregElliot! I need your advice! Get in here now!
ElliotDammit. That’s my teacher. I’ll be back. Justin, entertain Sarah for ma minute.
Justin(off screen) But what about my inner peace?
ElliotNone for you, Back soon, Sarah.
SarahWas that the teacher asking for Elliot’s advise? Elliot must be really good!
JustinYeah, he is. Only one student here is higher-ranking than he is.
SarahReally? Who’s better than Elliot?
JustinShe’s right over there; she just got dressed.
images of Nanase looking badass
SarahWho the hell is that?!
JustinShe’s Nanase. She’s the only student here who can beat Elliot.
SarahWhy is she dressed like that?
JustinBlack belts wear what they want.
SarahThat a rule?
JustinSorta; nobody is brave enough to tell them no.
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