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Relations, Part 2: Comic for Tuesday, Apr 9, 2002
Ice Cream and Anime Heal All Wounds
Comic number: 0079
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Justin explain anime style martial arts.

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SarahSo… What exactly is the deal with this school? I’ve never heard of anime style martial arts before.
JustinI’m not surprised. Far as I know, Sensei Greg is the only guy who teaches it. In fact, he designed the discipline himself!
Justin(off screen) Legend has it that after getting dumped by his girlfriend a few years back, he watched 168 hours straight of anime. Already a black belt in three disciplines, he was able to decipher the key to accessing the awesome power of a person’s “ki”!!!
SarahAnd how exactly does someone do that?
JustinBy participating in difficult, overly complex and fairly ridiculous activities that shouldn’t yield such fantastic results and yet somehow do.
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