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Shade, Part 1: Comic for Sunday, Feb 17, 2002
Comic number: 0028
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Grace introduces herself to Tedd, gets invited inside and Mr. Verres recognizes her.

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  • Just outside Tedd's house
  • Tedd's house

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GraceA-are you Tedd? That guy who made goo came to life?
TeddUm, yeah, that’s me. But who are you?
GraceI’m Grace. Can we, um, go inside? I’m cold.
TeddNow wait a minute… I’ve never met you before, and --
TeddUm, what are you wearing underneath that trench coat?
GraceWell, nothing, but --
TeddWelcometothewonderfulhouseof teddtedd’shouseisyourhouseplease feelfreetostayaslongasyoulikeand letitbeknownifyou’rehavingnightmares it’sokforyoutosleepinmybedwelcome!!!
GraceThanks for letting me in, and I want you to know that the reason I’m only wearing this coat isn’t sexual in any way.
TeddDammit. I mean, uh… Listen, putting clothes onto a girl goes against all my instincts, but if ya want you can wear some of my clothes for now so you won’t be stuck just wearing that.
GraceThanks, Tedd. I --
Mr. Verres(off screen) Tedd?! Who’s down there?!
TeddAw crap, my dad’s home!
Mr. VerresTedd, you know you’re supposed to call ahead before bringing anyone into this house unless it’s Elliot!
Grace(thinking) I don’t believe this! How can he be Tedd’s father?!
Mr. VerresIs that-- Shade Tail?!
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