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Shade, Part 1: Comic for Sunday, Feb 24, 2002
Comic number: 0035
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Elliot talks about controversy raised by the comic and promises no more violence, right before Tedd is mauled by bubbles.

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Today I toss aside the standard Sunday format to bring you the second comic I made for my school newspaper. Originally it was planned that the first comic I’d have in the paper would be made just for it, but due to a tight deadline the first three comics that were posted online were used and supposedly caused some controversy thanks to Tedd telling Sarah to strip along with a couple of minor swear words being tossed in, not to mention the whole bikini thing.
ElliotHello, I’m Elliot. If Tedd wasn’t so busy testing out his experimental super novelty bubble pipe, he’d join me in apologizing for our first three comics.
ElliotApparently some people were offended, but we honestly didn’t think anyone would be! Material similar to what we had is on TV all the time, be it on network, cable, premium channel… It’s always there! The Simpsons, The Sopranos, Looney Tunes… It’s everywhere you look!
ElliotYessir, violence is bad and Sarah should be ashamed of hitting Tedd as violence is most certainly not the answer! We are very sorry you had to witness such a display of gratuitous violence, even if she was provoked by Tedd’s behavior!
ElliotBut don’t worry folks! From now on, no more violence! Just peace and relaxation El Goonish Shive style!
The bubbles attack Tedd making noises such as “Shred”, “*Chomp*”, and “Slash!”
Tedd hits the floor with a “THWUMP”
ElliotWhy must you ruin everything?
Tedd(off screen) *whimper*
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